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Our Icon facial rejuvenation device uses IPL and fractional laser therapy in one tool. It's a powerful device that can treat all of your skin concerns, from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to permanently removing unwanted hair.


SculpSure delivers laser light through the skin to heat up and damage fat, while simultaneously cooling the skin. The exposed fat is removed by the body over several weeks time.

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TempSure works by targeting facial lines and wrinkles by delivering radio frequency to gently heat your skin. As the skins temperature increases, the treatment triggers a natural response in your skin to create new collagen. 


FlexSure works by targeting loose, sagging skin and delivering radio frquency to gently heat your skin.  As the skins temperature increases, the treatment triggers a natural response in your skin to create new collagen. 


Potenza uses microneedles to deliver radiofrequncey energy deep into the skin to safely and effectively revitalize tissue. Most anti-aging treatments target the top layer of the skin, but the microneedles get deeper into the skin, giving more dramatic results. 


Great skin doesn't happen by chance.  
It happens by appointment. 

Heal Strong Aesthetics offers noninvasive alternatives to surgery that can be performed right here in Venice. Let our dedicated, highly trained Doctor, Nurse and skin care professionals show you options to effectively treat common cosmetic problems and address the effects of aging, sun exposure and other environmental damage. All while considering each individual’s unique skin care needs.

We’re proud to offer leading edge non-ablative technologies by Cynosure, such as, Icon Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and TempSure Radiofrequency (RF). We can help you achieve the face and body you’ve been dreaming of while preventing downtime. These treatments help minimize lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, diminish brown spots, reduce acne scars, and even remove birthmarks and small vascular lines of the face. Additionally, we offer the most advanced minimally invasive RF micro-needling treatments via Cynosure’s Potenza. If you are ready to achieve healthier more vibrant skin call today for a consultation.


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1511 South Tamiami Trail #201 

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*Located in South Bridge Park, entrance off of Center Road*

Phone: (941) 218-6839

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